Civil Litigation

Lawyer In Elkins, WV

Civil Litigation for Residents in the Elkins, WV, Area

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. uses civil litigation to resolve disputes for our clients in the Elkins, WV, area. Whether you are an individual or a business, we can handle your estates, real estate and personal injury disputes through litigation if needed to resolve your case. A court case can be very overwhelming, and West Virginia civil laws can be very complicated. For civil litigation representation, contact Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. at (304) 637-3800.

We Can Handle Any Estate, Real Estate and Personal Injury Case

A civil litigation case involving estate, real estate or personal injury is a stressful event for anyone in West Virginia. Our mission is to provide dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced representation for your civil litigation case in court. We do our best to prevent the least amount of disruption to your life, and give you a peace of mind. The lawyers at Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. are committed to standing up for you in court and delivering the best result possible.

Estate Litigation Representation for Family Members and Other Parties

For estate litigation cases, we have experience representing spouses, executors, administrators and other individuals who believe they have the right to an individual’s assets or property. We can represent you in court to contest wills and trusts, spouse removal, disputing estate accounts and surcharges, and other kinship-related disputes. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. values your case, and we are determined to use our skills for your best interest. Throughout the litigation process, we will provide individual attention, and give you the resources necessary to win your case.

Real Estate Litigation for Property Disputes and More

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. will let you know what to expect with your real estate case as it progresses. When litigation is the only solution to resolve a real estate dispute, lawyers Joe and John Wallace are ready to handle it in court. For cases such as property lines, we will take your claim seriously and represent your case with the facts to reach an agreement with the other party.

Get the Compensation You Need from the Responsible Party

If your personal injury case requires litigation, we will represent your case to get the compensation you need to cover the damages for an accident that causes a serious injury. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. will file a lawsuit with the responsible party and their insurance company when it is the only way to settle your case. Whether you have a personal injury case for an automobile accident, slip and fall or other incident, our lawyers will fight to get what you need to recover.