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Legal Services for Corporations in the Elkins, WV, Area

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. is here to give West Virginia corporations reliable and expert advice for all stages of operation. Our lawyers offer our services to new or well-established corporations of all sizes. Because of our experience with handling corporations in many different industries, we are the experts in organization, planning and execution. From corporation establishment to wind up, we have the skills to serve our clients’ needs. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. has services to assist corporations with contract drafting, review and negotiation. We can also help your corporation avoid litigation and other legal issues. Whether we are working with directors, officers, or shareholders we will oversee that all affairs operate well, and protect your corporation’s interests. When your corporation needs advice, or legal assistance at any stage, contact the lawyers at Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. at (304) 637-3800.

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. is Proud to Help West Virginia Corporations with:

– Organization
– Planning
– Execution
– Advice
– Obtain Financing

– Manage Banking
– Governance Issues
– Record Keeping
– Required Documents
– Contracts

– Commercial Property
– Equipment Leases
– Employment Agreements
– And More

We Can Advise You on All the Items Your Corporation Needs for Success

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. of Elkins, WV, is proud to be there for local corporations when they need it. Our team can assist with providing support for the success for your corporation or business. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. offers practical advice and counsel for all stages of corporation development such as formation, planning, execution, and wind up. Our lawyers will protect your rights and ensure that your corporation has a solid legal foundation. We can help you decide the best organization for the service or goods you offer for the best success. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can also assist in finding the best tax category, and many more important decisions that can have a positive impact on your corporation.