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Let Us Help You Make Important Real Estate Decisions

Buying or selling a home is a big step, and it can be the most difficult transaction you might ever make. Lawyers Joe and John Wallace are here to make the real estate purchase process less confusing and stressful. West Virginia has its own property laws and issues not found anywhere else. With our familiarity with West Virginia real estate laws, we can help you avoid problems for a smoother purchase or sale. Contact one of our lawyers today at Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. for assistance with real estate transactions at (304) 637-3800.

Assistance with Buying and Selling Property in the Elkins, WV, Area

Real estate buyers and sellers can contact Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. for assistance with negotiations and help you understand the brokerage contract. Sellers and buyers of real estate should have one of our lawyers look over their brokerage agreement. Our lawyers can also answer questions related to taxes for buying or selling property. We can help you understand unclear wording to prevent misunderstandings and possible legal issues. With our experience, we can determine if the agreement is fair and signed correctly.

Contact Us Before Signing a Purchase Agreement for Real Estate

Purchase agreements for real estate can include unclear language that can make them difficult to understand. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can help you decipher the terms and conditions of a purchase agreement form to make sure it is fair to you. We will look at several aspects of the property and the agreement to guarantee you are getting what you wanted.

Title Searching Helps Avoid Problems with Buying Any Property

Title searching is an important step in buying a real estate property. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can assist you in searching the title of a property you wish to purchase before making commitments. Without a thorough title search, big problems can occur, such as restrictions, easements, agreements, and encroachments from a previous owner that could cause legal problems and make buying or selling it more difficult.

Our Lawyers Can Assist in Preparing Important Closing Papers

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can assist with closing a property, preparing the deed and other important papers for a real estate buyer or seller. Lawyers Joe and John Wallace can help you make sure your closing document has the necessary requirements and is easy to understand. Our goal is to make the transaction as simple as possible for both parties.

Resolve Property and Land Disputes with Wallace Law Offices LC Inc.

Property disputes can be stressful. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. understands this, and is here to help resolve your dispute. Land disputes can happen for many different reasons, but no matter the reason, our lawyers are here to represent you. We will do our best to make the other party see your part of view and find a solution both parties can agree on.

Turn to Us for Help with Mortgage Refinancing

When you need to refinance a mortgage for your house, turn to Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. for knowledgeable and experienced assistance. We will go over the mortgage contract terms, negotiations, and West Virginia mortgage refinancing laws. Our lawyers will negotiate with the mortgage companies to get the best outcome for you.