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Estate Planning Services for a Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

An estate is a plan that designates a plan to distribute your property and assets after you pass away. West Virginia has unique laws and taxes for estate planning that can be difficult to understand. Lawyers Joe and John Wallace can help you navigate through the specific requirements you need to create a plan for the future. Estate plans can include living wills, healthcare power of attorney, durable power of attorney, last wills, and HIPPA releases. To start your estate plan, contact Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. at (304) 637-3800.

Plan Medical Treatments and End-of-Life Care for Times When You Cannot

When something serious happens to your health, you may not be able to make decisions on what medical treatments are in your best interest. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. is here to help you create a plan for that type of situation while you are still able to make choices for your medical care and end-of-life treatment. A living will, allows you to put your medical treatment preferences in writing. A living will can make difficult decisions easier on your family, and it allows the doctors to know how to best treat you.

Choose a Person You Trust to Help With Medical Decisions

Healthcare power of attorney allows you to choose a representative you trust to assist you with making medical care decisions when you are not able to make them yourself. Wallace Law Office LC Inc. can assist in adding healthcare power of attorney to your estate plan, and help fill out the necessary paperwork. Along with a last will, a healthcare power attorney can make critical medical treatment or end-of-life treatment decisions.

Durable Power of Attorney Allows You to Plan for the Future

Durable power of attorney is another useful document you can add to your estate plan. This document allows a representative you personally chose to make decisions and handle all of your affairs if you unable to do it yourself. Durable means that it becomes effective right after signing, and is valid even if you are mentally unable to make decisions or pass away.

Decide Who Receives Your Property and Assets Before You Pass Away

If you were to pass away before creating a last will in West Virginia, the state will decide who receives your property and assets by default. Generally your spouse and children will receive the benefits, but if they are not present other relatives will receive them. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can assist you in creating a last will that matches with your personal preferences and wishes. Our lawyers will help you define assets, name beneficiaries, assign guardians for minor children and pets, and appoint an executor with your last will.

HIPPA Release is a Useful Addition to Your Estate Plan

Lawyers Joe and John Wallace can assist you adding a HIPPA release form to your estate plan in West Virginia. HIPPA laws protect your personal medical records. These laws prevent anyone from viewing your medical records unless they have permission from you. At times, giving access to your medical records is helpful for doctors, hospitals, or healthcare providers. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can assist in giving them that permission with a HIPPA release form.