Mediation Services

In Elkins, WV

Mediation is a great Alternative to Litigation for Legal Disputes

Mediation is a great option to solve legal disputes as it is cheaper, quicker, and there is no public record like with litigation. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. can look over your case, and let you know if mediation is the best solution to resolve the dispute. During mediation, one of our lawyers will act as a neutral mediator. We will try to find a resolution through discussion and negotiation. At Wallace Law Offices LC Inc., we put your needs, rights and interests first. You can have peace of mind knowing all mediation sessions are confidential. To request a mediation session, contact Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. at (304) 637-3800.

Our Mediation Process Allows Both Parties to be Heard

During a mediation session each party has a chance to describe the dispute in their own words without a disruption. The lawyers from Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. will act as a mediator, and encourage discussion to find a compromise between both parties. When a solution is found, an agreement will be created and both sides will sign it. If a solution cannot be reached through mediation, we will inform both parties of their options.

We Make Honest Observations and Give Advice When Necessary

Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. considers what issues are present with each dispute during mediation. Our lawyers try to make straightforward observations when appropriate and assist both sides in considering the risks and overcoming dilemmas. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc. pursues creative solutions that are consistent with the facts of the case. We do our best to preserve mutual interests and ongoing relationships. We ensure that all parties trust the process and feel that they have been heard and all reasonable prospects for settlement have been considered. Wallace Law Offices LC Inc.’s goal is to guide all parties towards a resolution.